• Hirsch IP Solutions is primarily focused on tailoring its IP enforcement efforts to the particular circumstances of each client, recognizing that many independent content and media companies and individual artists are constrained from undertaking some of the more advanced measures available to combat the counterfeiting of their products and/or the infringement of their intellectual property rights.  Because of this orientation, clients of Hirsch IP Solutions will enjoy the benefit of deep-level analysis of their particular infringement problems and consideration of a wide variety of creative approaches resulting in the formulation of customized IP enforcement solutions to protect their specific products and the markets for these products from the unfair competition of knock-offs and illegal copies.

  • Headed by Ric Hirsch, Hirsch IP Solutions offers clients his twenty-five years of experience as an IP attorney representing major content companies with respect to their global intellectual property interests.  He has helped the world's leading motion picture studios and video game publishers design and adopt new strategies and programs to address and combat the widespread copying and infringement of their intellectual property in the U.S. and overseas, notably in response to the rapid growth of infringing activity online. This work has provided him with important insights into identifying and assessing problems and formulating responses to both systemic and individual instances of copyright and trademark infringement, whether online or in physical form.

  • What makes Hirsch IP Solutions different from many of the firms and professionals working in the IP area?   Hirsch offers a rare combination of training in and knowledge of US and foreign IP laws joined with multi-faceted experience and know-how in managing investigations, overseeing foreign counsel and investigative firms, interfacing with federal, state and foreign government and law enforcement officials regarding criminal infringement cases, and working with online monitoring companies in fashioning effective programs to detect and address online infringement.

  • Most importantly, this enforcement experience has required the application of finite resources to address surging volumes of infringing activity in many different forms, necessitating the development of cost-effective strategies and solutions to reduce the impact of such infringements.  

  • In line with its efforts to customize enforcement strategies for each client's particular IP infringement problems, Hirsch IP Solutions will contemplate a variety of fee arrangements to find the one that best meets the needs of the client and the parameters of its budget for IP enforcement.

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