SEU Commission proposes rule on portability of online content services

‚ÄčIn December 2015, the European Commission announced its proposal of a new set of rules to facilitate the portability of online content services to ensure consumers' access when traveling in other EU states.The proposal was the first step of a Commission action plan for the coming year to address several copyright "modernization" issues that were identified in last year's Digital Single Market initiative.

problems brand owners and ip rights holders often experience

ISP held liable for $25 million damage award in US Court for subscribers' infringing downloads

In December 2015, the jury of a federal copyright infringement case awarded $25 million in damages to the recording company, BMG, in its infringement case against the ISP, Cox Communciations, with respect to its subscribers' infringing downloads of BMG music and Cox's failure to institute an effective  repeat infringer policy in accordance with the DMCA.

US Commerce Dept Recommends Changes in Copyright Statutory Damages

In late January 2016, The Commerce Dept's Internet Policy Task Force issued a White Paper that, among other things, recommended amendments of the Copyright Act to delineate factors to be considered by courts in deciding the amount of statutory damages to award in infringement cases.

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Protecting Your Creative Assets

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Low-priced knock-offs of products sold on street corners, swap meets and/or flea markets.

Illegal copies listed for sale on various public online marketplace and auction sites.

Counterfeit copies manufactured in some foreign country and imported into the U.S. and other countries where they undermine sales of legitimate products.

Digital copies of products available for download by Internet users visiting various websites or using file-sharing applications and networks, such as BitTorrent.

Typing in the name of a product or brand into a search engine generates long lists of sites and links that connect users to the sources of illegal copies.

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